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A concentrated liquid designed as a surface spray, to kill odors from their source. Formulated with bioenzymatic action that biologically destroys odors. Applications & Dilutions Removes problem odours caused by mildew, urine, tobacco smoke, food bacteria, and almost all other common odours. Leaves a pleasant fresh scent. There are virtually hundreds of applications and application methods for Odorstroyer™. Please contact a Zep sales consultant and/or refer to the product specification report on Odorstroyer™ for more detailed use instructions. Below are general use instructions. • Deodorizing in cleaning solutions: 1:80 to 1:160 parts water in carpet extractors, mop buckets or auto scrubbers. • Surface spray deodorizing: Use in any sprayer apparatus at 1:6 parts water for medium to heavy use and 1:12 parts water for lighter to medium use. Spray onto surface until damp and leave on to work, no rinse required. •Urinals: Add 30 to 60 mL to urinal as required to eliminate odours and clogged urinals. Odorstroyer is available in a 1L or 4L bottle. It is also available in 3 scents in the 4L bottle which are Spring Green, Blue Sky, and Sunburst Lemon.

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