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A biological liquid waste digester for drain lines and grease. Helps to prevent grease, oil, cellulose, protein and starch from accumulating and promotes the proper function of septic tanks, holding tanks and lagoons. Won�t raise or lower pH of effluent waters-won�t interfere with natural biodegradation of wastes in system. EcoLogo? Certified. Drain Guard is a liquid product formulated with non-pathogenic active bacterial cultures. Excellent to prevent grease, oil cellulose, protein and starch accumulations in traps and drains, and mains. Promotes proper function of septic tanks, drain fields, ponds, lagoons and holding tanks. Applications & Dilutions Live Bacterial Additives For Drains, Grease Traps, Septic Tanks & Lagoons Directions For Use: Drains in kitchens, laundry, bath, toilets: Use 57 mL Zep Drain Guard� Plus per inch drain diameter twice weekly, or as needed. Grease traps: For best results, initiate treatment after grease trap has been cleaned/pumped and system has a good flow. If the system has partial obstruction and a clean out is not preferred or possible, eliminate the Obstruction of grease with Zep Big Orange-No Surfactant before initiating treatment with Drain Guard � Plus. NOTE: Addition must be into drains leading to grease trap (not directly to grease trap) to ensure sufficient dispersion and dwell time. Addition must be concentrated during period of moderate to low activity when minimum effects from hot water, sanitizers for dishwashing, etc. are expected. Use 227 – 682 mL daily. Septic Tanks: Up to 2000 litres 224 mL. to 448mL., weekly; 2000 litres to 12000 litres 900 to 1800 mL weekly, above 12000 litres 1350 mL. to 2400 mL. weekly. Ponds and Lagoons: Use 560mL. per million litres of water in containment, daily.

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