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Clean’Ems Graffiti Remover Towels are dual-textured towels formulated to remove graffiti, ink marks, and paint from hard, non-porous surfaces. May be used on: Aluminum Boats, Vehicles, Stainless Steel, Phone Booths, Glazed Tiles, Uncoated Metals, Glass, Chrome Strong, Abrasive Towels – 70/30 polymer/pulp, great durability, dual-textured for stubborn stains Non-Woven Fabric – Retains residual from ink, paint, and/or graffiti – no re-soiling Industrial Strength Formula – Solvent-based formula for removal of tough graffiti Durable Compact Container – Easy storage Portable and Convenient – Carry Clean ‘Ems wherever you need to remove unsightly graffiti Easy Disposal – Just throw used towel in typical industrial waste receptacle